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Research Handbook
HRM in the Public Sector

Bram Steijn & Eva Knies (2021)

Bringing together over fifty leading global experts, this Research Handbook provides a state-of-the-art overview of research findings regarding Human Resource Management (HRM) in the public sector. Original chapters provide useful insights from two different disciplines: public administration and HRM. They illustrate that the public context of organisations matters and discuss research findings detailing how this plays out in practice.

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Managing for
Public Service Performance

Peter Leisink, Lotte Andersen, Gene Brewer, Christian Jacobsen, Eva Knies & Wouter Vandenabeele (2021)

How can management make a meaningful contribution to the performance of public services? Around the world, public organizations face increasingly complex social issues related to globalization, migration, health crises, national security, and climate change. To meet these challenges, we need a better understanding of what managing for public service performance means, and what it requires from public managers and public servants. This book takes a multidisciplinary, critical, and context-sensitive approach to address such questions.

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